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Avoid Thunderstorm and Lightning Damage This Summer

6/11/2024 (Permalink)

Lightning Strike An ounce of preparation is worth a pound of cure when it comes to dealing with lightning and thunderstorms.

Ah, the joys of spring! Leaves return to trees. Grass turns lush and green. Flowers bloom and paint the landscape with bold color. But then there are spring thunderstorms. Thunderstorms often don’t come alone. Thunderstorms often feature lightning. They also often bring with them other threats like high winds, tornadoes, and flooding.

Lightning alone kills about 50 people each year in the United States. The Red Cross says that thunderstorms kill more people each year than either tornadoes or hurricanes. You can lessen the threat of a thunderstorm and avoid thunderstorm damage by:

  1. Using surge protectors.

Electronics (your TV, appliances, computers, etc.) that are plugged in are susceptible to damage from the electrical surges a thunderstorm can cause. Plug your electronics into a surge protector and the surge protector into the wall. You’ll gain an extra layer of thunderstorm protection.

  1. Removing dead or rotting trees near your house.

In a thunderstorm, or other type of storm, a weakened tree could fall and cause extensive damage to your home and property. You might also want to make your shrubbery more wind resistant by keeping them trimmed and removing damaged branches.

  1. 3. Bringing things inside or under shelter when a severe thunderstorm is in the forecast.

Can you protect your expensive flower planter by temporarily storing them in a shed? Can that new glass top picnic table be relocated to the basement before the storm hits?

  1. Checking your homeowner’s insurance.

Make sure you are covered for thunderstorm damage. Does your insurance coverage meet your needs? If not, make adjustments.

  1. Tuning into weather reports.

Keep a weather radio or internet service on to listen for forecasts, watches, and warnings. Know the terminology. A thunderstorm watch means the weather is conducive to severe thunderstorms. A thunderstorm warning means a storm is occurring or will start soon and it poses a threat to life and property.

  1. Taking a training course in first aid and learning how to respond to emergencies.

In Connecticut check out the available classes at Red Cross Training. Learn about your local community’s emergency warning system for severe thunderstorms.

If You Have Thunderstorm or Lightning Damage Call SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield at (860) 633-8791

  1. Being prepared to lose power.

Have plenty of flashlights and batteries available. Avoid using candles because an open flame during stormy weather can be dangerous. Keep the flashlights where you can quickly find them even in the dark.

  1. Educating your children about thunderstorms and other natural disasters.

Be certain your children know to come inside and stay inside whenever threatening weather (gray skies, thunder, heavy rains, lightning, strong winds, etc.) approach.

  1. Having a safe place and making sure everyone in your house knows where that place is.

A safe place in a thunderstorm is an area in your home that’s away from windows and not in danger from falling trees. Often a windowless interior bathroom is a safe place.

If You Have Thunderstorm or Lightning Damage Call SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield at (860) 633-8791

  1. Having emergency supplies ready.

A damaging thunderstorm may keep you from shopping for several days or longer. You may not have electricity. Have a survival kit stocked with items like a weather radio, water, snacks, meals in a can, extra batteries, important phone numbers, and other essentials.

  1. Consult your local fire department if you are considering installing lightning rods.
    We're Here To Help®

The team at SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield has specialized training and experience in fire restoration services, natural disaster prevention, thunderstorm damage, and natural disaster cleanup.

Call SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield (860.633.8791) anytime.

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Water Damage Within Your Glastonbury Property

5/8/2024 (Permalink)

experts in equipment poster SERVPRO offers Glastonbury area water damage and mitigation "Like it never even happened." We stock advanced equipment from extraction to drying.

Call SERVPRO® in Glastonbury for Water Damage Restoration

Any home or business owner will cringe at the mere thought of water damage and all that is involved in the cleanup process. No matter the cause of the water emergency, you need it fixed – and fast. The longer a property has standing water or moisture lurking, the more damage multiples and bring the possibility of hazardous mildew and mold development. SERVPRO is available 24 hours a day, with rapid emergency response times. We arrive quickly to work, providing results for Glastonbury homes and businesses. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, coming in just four hours or less of your initial call to our customer service team.

To get started on your water damage project in Glastonbury, our team comes in to assess the damage to understand the best way to proceed. The crew chief assigned to your property inspects the impacted materials, the surfaces that must get addressed, and the type of water present. What this does is help us to select the right equipment, the number of pieces necessary to facilitate cleaning and drying, and everything we need to achieve our goals.

24-hour Response Matters with Water Removal Services

Water-related incidents require prompt action if you want to salvage belongings and materials. Our IICRC-certified SERVPRO technicians have access to a wealth of tools and equipment in our warehouse, and we stock our Green Fleet with many of the following:

  • Water removal equipment – We have a broad range of industry-proven equipment and tools, including gas-powered and submersible pumps, truck-mounted extractors, wet-dry vacuums, weighted extractors, and carpet wands. We determine the level of water saturation and select tools accordingly. We continuously monitor progress and adjust equipment accordingly for water removal and drying.
  • Dehumidification and drying equipment – Addressing relative humidity (RH) is paramount with all water damage calls. We use industrial-grade fans, desiccant dehumidifiers, and other equipment to restore RH to normal levels so that moisture is not an issue.
  • Cleaning and deodorizing products – All surfaces must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized for water restoration projects. Additionally, our Odor Control Technicians (OCT) know what to select to eliminate foul, musty odors rather than masking them.

How Does SERVPRO Handle Areas with Hidden Moisture?

Water migrates to dry spaces while moving along a path of least resistance. SERVPRO technicians are trained in structural drying to offer specialized care for all projects. Anywhere moisture migrates gets thoroughly inspected and addressed, such as behind your baseboards, underneath cabinets, and beneath the flooring. Our unique tools and methods can often get to hidden moisture with little or no disruption to your building materials or structural elements. Some of our moisture detection tools include:

  • Hygrometers
  • Surface moisture meters
  • Penetrating/probing moisture meters
  • Thermal imaging equipment

Depending on the areas where moisture lurks, we may use controlled demolition measures to address it. Options usually involve:

  • Weep/Drill Holes – We can create drill (weep) holes and remove baseboards to get into water pooling areas. Such action allows for an opening to relieve water and boost air circulation with positive air pressure.
  • Positive Air Pressure – After handling pooling within tight spaces or behind walls, we use positive air pressure units. The units come with outlet hoses that our technicians place into the drilled holes to force warm air inside for faster drying.

We Have you Covered for all your Insurance Documentation

One less thing you have to worry about when working with SERVPRO for your water remediation project is all of the insurance paperwork. We ensure all documents get filled out correctly, so you have everything you need to file your claim with your insurance provider. SERVPRO knows how important it is to have a trusted liaison when faced with any restoration emergency.

SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield is the team to call for all water damage repair and restoration needs. Request help online or call (860) 633-8791.

How to Tackle Mold Season and Prevent Mold Growth

5/2/2024 (Permalink)

Mold on a painted wall An example of mold on a painted wall in a home.

As we transition into warmer, more humid months here in Connecticut, we experience what can be dubbed as "mold season." This period brings with it the increased risk of mold growth in homes, offices, and other indoor spaces. Mold not only poses health risks but can also damage property and belongings if left unchecked. Here are some tips to help you prevent mold growth and deal with it effectively:

1. Control Moisture: Mold thrives in moist environments, so keeping indoor humidity levels low is key. Use dehumidifiers, air conditioners, and exhaust fans to regulate moisture levels, especially in areas prone to dampness like bathrooms and basements.

2. Ventilation: Proper ventilation is essential to prevent moisture buildup. Ensure good airflow by opening windows, using exhaust fans, and installing vents in kitchens and bathrooms.

3. Address Leaks Promptly: Any leaks in pipes, roofs, or windows should be fixed promptly to prevent water from seeping into walls, ceilings, and floors, creating ideal conditions for mold growth.

4. Monitor Indoor Humidity: Invest in a hygrometer to monitor indoor humidity levels regularly. Aim for humidity levels between 30-50% to discourage mold growth.

5. Clean Regularly: Regular cleaning can help prevent mold growth by removing spores before they have a chance to colonize. Pay special attention to areas prone to moisture, such as bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms.

6. Use Mold-Resistant Products: When renovating or building, consider using mold-resistant materials such as mold-resistant drywall, paint, and insulation.

7. Inspect HVAC Systems: Ensure that your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems are clean and functioning properly. Dirty or malfunctioning HVAC systems can circulate mold spores throughout your home.

8. Remove Mold Promptly: If you do find mold, it's essential to address it promptly. It's best to consult with professionals who specialize in mold remediation.

By taking proactive steps to prevent mold growth and addressing any issues promptly, you can keep your indoor spaces healthy and mold-free, even during mold season. Remember, a little prevention can go a long way in safeguarding your home and your health.

If you discover mold at your residence or business, call SERVPRO of Manchester/Mansfield at anytime. 860-633-8791 We're here 24/7.

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Businesses: Some Things In Life Are Still Free With A PSA

12/14/2022 (Permalink)

Exterior of SERVPRO office building With a SERVPRO Priority Service Agreement you receive some free services.

SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield is committed to providing fire and water cleanup and restoration services to reduce your business interruption costs and your recovery costs. And with a Priority Service Agreement (PSA) we will provide some services at no cost:

•    Construction evaluations
•    Disaster planning seminars
•    Emergency Ready Profile (for all your business locations)
•    Ice dam evaluations
•    Lead paint certification
•    Mold evaluations
•    OSHA 10-hour training
•    Water and fire training

Businesses and commercial property owners choose SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield for many reasons. Among the major reasons are:

•    SERVPRO® has more than 45 years of experience as a leading fire and water cleanup and restoration provider.
•    We are nearby and we have other franchises near you, too. In fact, we have 1,800 franchises throughout the nation.
•    More locations mean we get to you faster. Faster response usually means less damage done and more money saved.
•    We handled jobs of all sizes. Our Commercial Large Loss Division is composed of our best of the best in restoration.
•    We provide many services other restoration and cleanup companies don’t: document drying, move outs and construction restoration, contents claim inventory, and more.

Business Ready Plan

Another free service we provide is a Business Ready Plan. Did you know that as many as 50% of businesses close down following a disaster? Of the businesses that survive, the majority of them had a preparedness plan in place like our Business Ready Plan.

Pre-planning serves as an “insurance policy” providing you with peace of mind. Knowing your business is ready for whatever happens can communicate trust to your clients and employees. They know that even if disaster strikes your business, they don’t necessarily have to be affected.

Call SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield. We’re the fire restoration, water restoration, and cleanup company that saves property and saves money for commercial properties and businesses. Whether you're in Glastonbury or Marlborough, Portland or Rocky Hill, Wethersfield or anywhere in between, we can help.

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Skilled Fire Damage Help for Glastonbury Residents

9/27/2022 (Permalink)

Smoke Damage? poster When smoke, soot, and fire harm your Glastonbury home, call SERVPRO to make it "Like it never even happened."

SERVPRO® Offers Fire Damage Cleanup in Glastonbury 24/7

Disruption in your home or business is added stress nobody wants. However, these emotions and stress levels multiply when a fire is involved. Never act hastily by attempting DIY cleanup of fire-damaged homes, as this can worsen matters. Instead, calling skilled fire and smoke restoration technicians (FSRT) from SERVPRO gets fast, effective results. All our technicians are trained and certified to address fire damage situations, providing the attention to detail that all Glastonbury property owners deserve. Once we finish the project, it will be “Like it never even happened.”

Urgency is Vital with All Fire-Related Restorations

Once you contact us for help with fire damage in Glastonbury, it sets a chain of events in motion. With your call to our customer care team, we gather all the necessary information about the fire that took place and your property and determine if there is any unique need that must get addressed. We are ready to go for all commercial and residential calls within hours of your call. Our rapid response and entry as soon as emergency crews clear your building help us get the results you deserve.

Structural Safety and Fire and Smoke Mitigation

Part of beginning any project means determining the best course of action. With this, we must also ensure that your building is safe for the team to get to work. Our crew chief considers several factors when planning your project, including:

  • Possible hazards – We consider structural safety, including charred joists, damaged floors, overhead hazards, and all supporting materials.
  • Power – During cleanup and restoration, power usually gets turned off to avoid electrical dangers. We bring backup power units to run our equipment as needed.
  • Toxins/chemicals – If your fire zone includes any cleaning agents and other chemicals (usually at a commercial facility or residential garage), we take the proper precautions.

How are Smoke and Soot Handled?

All surfaces must get assessed and carefully addressed, even if the project gets cleaned up after a small kitchen fire. Soot and smoke residue can vary depending on burned materials, accelerants, air currents, etc. We take a look at all impacted materials and the soot residue present.

  • Fast-burning fires will often generate powdery soot.
  • Slow-burning fires sometimes put out sticky, wet smoke residue.

SERVPRO technicians have various wet or dry cleaning options to generate quality results. We always work to repair versus replace whenever possible to salvage unburnt wood, textiles, carpeting, and other materials.

It is important to note that all smoke residue that does not get adequately cleaned can bring on continued/secondary damage. These are some things that our IICRC-certified technicians keep in mind when selecting cleaning and deodorization measures:

  • Rapid action allows us to keep pungent smoke odors from lingering and further permeating porous materials.
  • Typical by-products of fire, soot, and smoke lead to corrosion and discoloration of building materials and contents.
  • We must address smoke particles that can lead to material damage, but there are also possible health effects.

Our crew wears personal protective equipment (PPE) during remediation and reconstruction. Our PPE generally includes coveralls, boots, gloves, respirators, and gloves. Foot coverings also limit the number of soils tracked from one building area to the next.

What if There is Moisture in My Home After the Fire?

SERVPRO knows that water removal services and fire restoration often go hand-in-hand. We promptly address any standing water or chemicals left by first responders putting out the fire. We then use moisture detection tools to ensure nothing gets left behind during the restoration project that could turn into further damage or mold growth.

When you require fire damage restoration assistance, SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield is here to help®. Call us at (860) 633-8791 or request help online.

We are here to help®!

Expert Mold Damage Service for Glastonbury Properties

9/27/2022 (Permalink)

If you suspect mold give us a call poster Contact the AMRT-applied microbial remediation technicians from SERVPRO for mold cleanup in your Glastonbury property.

Malden Residents Call SERVPRO® for Mold Damage Assistance

Nobody plans to have a mold infestation, but you could have colonies developing within your Glastonbury property without realizing it. Because of the possible hazards of mildew and mold growth, you must address the issue as soon as possible. You could develop a mold problem for several reasons, including failed water removal services, burst pipes, or a leaking roof after a recent storm. What matters more than how it got caused is how you go about the cleanup and remediation process. Rather than leaving it to chance with DIY cleanup, hiring skilled technicians to perform a thorough assessment, plan, and restoration is best. SERVPRO is here for all area residents and business owners to ensure you can trust quality results. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster, giving you added peace of mind.

Why Do Some People Choose DIY Mold Cleanup?

Many property owners are ill-informed about handling mold damage in Glastonbury. Some will see products that claim to remove the mold, while others try to spray and wipe to clear away spores. However, hiring trained technicians with the best protocols for such a project is the best way to get safe, effective results. These are some things that all property owners should know about mold growth:

  • There are countless mold types around us, including the air we breathe, on our clothing inside homes, and outside in the environment.
  • All it takes for different types of mold to thrive and colonize is a rise in moisture levels (relative humidity), an organic food source like drywall, paper, or wood, and optimum temperatures.
  • Proper mold mitigation and cleanup becomes imperative, or the colonies can damage your interior contents, building materials, structural elements, etc.

Mold Removal is Impossible, So Beware

A lot of companies and products like to claim mold removal. However, total mold eradication is not possible. While effectively cleaning surfaces and contents to restore mold spores to normal levels, you cannot altogether remove them. Calling skilled AMRT technicians who know how mold works and the safest measures for cleanup is the only way to get efficient results you can trust. Additionally, SERVPRO handles the cause of the moisture problem that brought on the mold growth. Failing to address the root cause only means more molds can grow in the near future.

Industrial-grade Equipment and Products Matter

SERVPRO arrives ready for mold cleanup with our Green Fleet stocked with EPA-registered cleaning solutions, antimicrobials, and equipment. We pay special attention to moisture levels, monitoring everything (surface and sub-surface levels) with our detection tools and sensors. The steps that we may follow for your project include:

  • Assessment of all areas with suspected mold growth. Such an assessment also involves containment to keep spores from migrating into unaffected regions of your Glastonbury property. We do this with the help of poly sheeting and negative air pressure.
  • Humidity control helps us to slow and eventually halt new mold growth. We use water extraction along with drying equipment like dehumidifiers.
  • Once the mold-growth area gets dried, we begin cleaning with air scrubbers, vacuums, and filtration units to pull up particles.
  • All surfaces are cleaned with disinfectants and antimicrobials to eliminate musty odors and thwart new mold growth.

How Do you Handle Damaged Building Materials and Contents?

When moisture and mold saturation become severe, we dispose of unsalvageable materials and perform controlled demolition. This reconstruction phase helps us replace materials and finish everything to make it “Like it never even happened.” Anything deemed unsalvageable gets disposed of accordingly to local guidelines. – Mold Remediation Contractor License #: 0646584

Regardless of the magnitude of your mold damage project, SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield is here to assist. Contact our team by calling (860) 633-8791 or request help online at your earliest convenience.

Restoring Glastonbury Homes from Flood Damage

9/26/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded streets with a bridge and stop sign to the right. Contact SERVPRO to effectively tackle the storm damage in your property. Call now!

SERVPRO® Flood Damage Teams are Available

Prolonged heavy rainfall can lead to flooding in your area. The causes of this natural disaster can be related to rising water levels in rivers or road overflow. Unfortunately, they can sometimes lead to property damages as well. After securing your safety, it is vital to contact a professional restoration service for your property. Qualified technicians can help to rescue your home and belongings that may otherwise suffer permanent damage from exposure to floodwaters. We are a local restoration service providing:

  • Water damage restoration
  • Flood damage repairs
  • Water Extraction

The most effective measure for mitigating flood damage in your Glastonbury home is to get the water out as quickly as possible. We use submersible pumps to transport water from the property to nearby sewers. These pumps function while submerged beneath water and can be run from portable power suppliers such as gas generators. Attachment ducts can stretch as far as twenty-five feet. We use these ducts with high-pressure pumps to transport water out of the property. This pumping equipment can be exceptionally valuable to alleviate flooding in underground parts of the home, such as cellars. The initial draining process can help us to perform a more accurate assessment of potential damages in your home following flooding. It is a process that can also help reduce damage in the house by lowering water migration issues and alleviating pressure on the wall and floor jointing.

  • Our team can inspect lower wall joints to determine whether there is damage to the property's structural integrity. 
  • Subfloors can often imbibe large amounts of water in flood emergencies. We can remove flooring to fix potential subfloor damages.
  • Dehumidification and active drying can help to prevent long-term harm from flooding. 

If your property floods, contact SERVPRO of Glastonbury / Wethersfield for flood damage recovery at (860) 633-8791.

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Don't Let Flood Damage Keep Your Glastonbury Retail Outlet Closed

8/22/2022 (Permalink)

Car in Water Flooded Rd SERVPRO of Glastonbury / Wethersfield understands how important your business is. Let us help you out.

Reopen Faster After Flood Damage with SERVPRO®

Flooding can leave your business in Glastonbury closed for an extended period. Companies that recover faster continue serving the public, a greatly needed service after a flood sweeps over a populated area. You don’t have to drastically let flood damage or other disasters affect your business.

SERVPRO has a no-cost program to help businesses in Glastonbury recover from flood damage. It is called the Emergency READY Plan, or ERP. All companies qualify for this service, and it is easy to complete your profile. We also offer an app for your cell phone that assures you and your managers are always on the same page regarding how you want your company to respond to an emergency.

Businesses who enroll in our ERP find that doing so and following through during and after a disaster helps them stay open or reopen much faster than neighboring businesses confronted with the same emergency. 

Our ERP helps businesses by:

  • Providing a uniform, combined approach between your management and SERVPRO,
  • Ensuring SERVPRO technicians know the location of shut-off valves and emergency entrances, and
  • Laying out instructions for your employees.

When your management personnel first open in the morning or otherwise become aware of flooding conditions, they refer to the ERP for directions. Saving time reduces additional damage and decreases your restoration and recovery costs. The ERP explains how your company should respond and informs SERVPRO that there is an emergency and of what nature. Our combined response helps protect your business.

In addition to telling us that there is an emergency at your business, it also shows our staff where shut-off valves are so we can get those turned off and make the situation safer for everyone. A wide choice of entrances can mean we can maneuver our equipment more quickly.

Flooding creates a different environment than a fire would. An ERP means you can keep employees safe from possible harm while providing specific directions.

To receive more information or assistance in completing your own personalized ERP, call SERVPRO of Glastonbury / Wethersfield at (860) 633-8791 today.

SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield
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Water Damage Repair of Glastonbury Shops Can Save Your Inventory

8/22/2022 (Permalink)

Pipe Leak For any type of water damage to your property, you can count on SERVPRO to help.

Additional Losses Prevented by Water Damage Repair

Glastonbury shop owners understand that inventory is what keeps a business thriving. You have nothing to attract customers without an extensive and diverse assortment of products. The larger your loss becomes after an event involving a water pipe’s burst seam, the more profit you lose. Water damage repair places control of your business back in your hands.

When your business in Glastonbury needs water damage repair, SERVPRO® is available every day of the year. Each hour that passes with your business remaining too damaged to house your inventory results in significant profit losses. Our restoration experts can rebuild damaged areas, so this becomes just a memory.

Any commercial building needs water damage repair services when: 

  • Doors and windows stick from swelling, 
  • The drywall becomes saturated and disintegrates, or 
  • Water-related odor becomes overwhelming. 

Moisture can lead to swelling of wooden frames, causing them to stick and trapping additional humidity inside. Metal frames can also do the same if they rust or paint bubbles and blisters from damp conditions. We fix the initial problem of intrusive water and then dry out your store rooms, clean them to eliminate any soiling caused by the previous moisture, and check for any deficits in wiring and structure.

Wet drywall can harbor moisture that can affect your inventory. Dampness can assist microbes in attacking not only your drywall and other building materials but also causing damage to your existing products. Our reconstruction technicians remove damaged drywall and replace it with new materials as soon as we establish dry conditions.

Foul odors can continue to irritate you, your employees, and your customers after we finish the needed restoration work. Our certified Odor Control Technician knows which methods to utilize and combine to provide you with the desired results. 

Local businesses can reach SERVPRO of Glastonbury / Wethersfield at (860) 633-8791. We are always ready to help protect your business with this and other services, and all scaled to match your business’s specific needs.

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When You Need a Fire Damage Restoration Team in East Glastonbury

8/22/2022 (Permalink)

Wall After Fire Let your local SERVPRO of Glastonbury / Wethersfield professionals resolve your fire damage problems.

How Fire Damage Restoration Protects Your Family

Disasters like house fires happen continually, but preparing for them is difficult. Protecting your family from the long-lasting effects means having a qualified fire damage restoration team near your East Glastonbury house. SERVPRO® fits that description, and we have the skilled individuals to carry out the tasks.

When smoke and soot residues, a charred interior, and possibly unsafe flooring exist in your East Glastonbury home, our fire damage restoration experts work together to undo the damage. We want your family to feel safe again. Our training and experience ensure we know how to use our equipment to its maximum potential, providing your family with the most cost-effective response possible.

Fire damage restoration resolves several problems, including:

  • Soiling of surfaces with soot and other by-products from the fire,
  • Highly bothersome odors, and
  • Compromised structural components within your home.

Our employees work in various teams and crews. While our reconstruction crew removes damaged and unsalvageable materials so they can rebuild specific areas, another group is stripping otherwise undamaged surfaces of layers of soot. Others are ensuring that our air scrubbers pull smoke particles out of the air while replacing the dirty air with fresh air from outside. 

Many of the smelly odors that come with fire get removed as we remove those layers of soot. Hidden soot remains hidden in enclosed areas that we cannot physically reach. Our thermal foggers force heated vapors into the same places that hot smoke traveled, allowing our chemical treatments to block odors even further. We often need to do other treatments after a fire, especially one caused by grease or other food.

Any home rebuilding should happen with certified professionals, as this keeps your home in compliance with building codes. SERVPRO can perform this for you, making the entire restoration process more streamlined and at a lower cost.

Contact SERVPRO of Glastonbury / Wethersfield at (860) 633-8791 for all your restoration and rebuilding needs after any disaster. We know how to make your residence safe again.

SERVPRO of Glastonbury/Wethersfield
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